Beyond Detailing

High-end automotive detailing is a system of carefully refined techniques, top-of-the-line equipment and state-of-the-art products that produce incredible results for long lasting beauty and protection of your vehicle's paint and other surfaces.  This goes way beyond traditional detailing, we would love to consult with you to understand your goals for the vehicle and help you see what the various options are and how they will help you reach those goals.  Please give us a call anytime with any questions or to set up an appointment for consultation (440) 252-5883.


High End Automotive Detailing can be broken down into 3 different sections


Detailing by itself is the washing and cleaning of the exterior, interior, wheels and even the engine bay.  With the Aquatic Therapy swirl-free car wash, your car will look significantly better then any automated car wash and will be washed in a safe manner that won't use harsh chemicals or create scratches in the paint.  This is only the tip of the iceberg for a total detailing system that will leave your vehicle looking better then brand new permanently.  

Paint Correction


The 2nd part of the overall process is to fix the defects in the surface of the paint.  This is very different then a "polish" or a "buff as it doesn't use any filler to smooth the surface of the paint.  It removes the top layer or layers of clear coat to permanently remove the various defects such as micro marring, rids, oxidation, etc...  With those defects removed, the clarity of the paint will be improved exponentially and you will be able to see the vehicles truest color.  Unfortunately this process shouldn't be done to the car more then 2 or 3 times in it's lifetime or a repaint will be necessary.  That is why once the vehicle's paint is perfected, a strong protection should be chosen in order to protect the paint from being damaged again.


This is the most critical step.  It can save hours and hours of future cleaning and detailing, provide a brilliant finish and add a true measurable and lasting value to the vehicle.  There are three aspects to consider when choosing a coating for your freshly polished vehicle; Protection, Longevity and Appearance.  We have used everything from waxes to sealants and found that nothing is going to protect your ride's appearance as comprehensively as a Ceramic Glass coating.  Ceramic Glass coatings are at the forefront of paint protection technologies and Ceramic Pro is the absolute pinnacle of vehicle coating systems.  Ceramic Pro coating systems can offer a true lifetime warranty against light scratches, UV damage and corrosion and have amazing clarity, brilliance and luster.  We will walk through the different options with you and show you why we believe that Ceramic Pro will surpass all of your expectations for total car care.

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