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Welcome to Rehab Detailing

We are Cleveland's premier automotive detail studio with a specialization in high-line paint correction and permanent glass coatings.  Our process thoroughly removes defects from your vehicle's paint in a safe manner releasing the full depth and luster of the paint.  Your car, truck, bike or boat will be finished to level of gloss and color exceeding when it was brand new and we will protect it with a Ceramic Pro coating system that offers up to a lifetime warranty.  We are also able to compliment the beauty of your ride with additional aesthetic upgrades like Carbon Fiber, Wheels, Vinyl Wrap and other custom accessories.  Whether you drive an Exotic, Luxury Car, SUV, classic or daily driver, we look forward to showing you just how amazing your vehicle can look.
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Beyond Detailing

This goes way beyond traditional detailing.  The true color of your car will be released and protected for years to come.  Read on to find out how!


From full color change to chrome to accents & decals and even PPF we can do it all.  Check out this page and our galleries for some great ideas!!

wheels and Accessories

Custom Wheels and Accessories can dramatically change the look of your car. We have all types of products from Carbon Fiber to anodized lug nuts.  Read on to see all the options!


We can protect and beautify your kitchens, bathrooms, exterior decor watches, handbags and so much more!


Welcome to the Lifestyle!

See Art in Motion in our Video Galleries

The Automotive Lifestyle is different in every corner of the world, but one thing doesn't change: we like to drive our cars and we like them to look their best.  So welcome to the Rehab Detailing Lifestyle where your car is fully protected from the typical elements so you can truly enjoy it and it will stay cleaner longer, clean up faster and continue looking better then new for years no matter how much you enjoy using it.  That's just the beginning of how we can help you enjoy your ride more, give us a call to set up your consultation (440) 252-5883

Ceramic Pro is the best in Protection, Value and Looks. Period

Let us show you why Ceramic Pro is the right choice for everything from your daily driver to your Fleet of Exotics

New Car Protection

Let us show you how to truly protect your car so you can drive it without worrying about damage

New Car prep is a compilation of coatings and protective films designed to enhance and protect your vehicles appearance.  We will show the various ways to protect your new or new-to-you vehicle so that you can drive it without worrying about rock ships, salt, bad weather, mineral deposit and practically any contamination that you would normally cause your paint and interior to look aged and dull

Before & After

The real beauty of your ride is hiding under all the paint imperfections.  The usual suspects like micromarring  from improper washing, orange peal, sanding marks, water spots, etc... are why your car no longer looks brand new.  Our process of paint correction will remove these imperfections in your paint and release the true luster and beauty permanently.

Our Process - Why We Are Different

High level detailing and paint correction is a multi-step process.  We break it down into all the different parts so its easier to understand what goes into the different packages. Then we will help you select what is the best fit to achieve the  goals for your vehicle.