Detailing and Paint Correction Process

High-end automotive detailing is a system of proper techniques, equipment and products that produce the best results for long lasting beauty and protection.  Proper washing, polishing and sealing techniques are only a few of the many facets of total appearance care.  At Rehab Detailing we offer only the state-of-the-art products and techniques to carefully and fully bring your vehicles’ finish to it’s highest potential.  

Step 1: A swirl free car wash.  The most basic of steps but when its done incorrectly it will dull your paint by putting swirling marks in the clear coat.  These swirls cause light to not reflect properly and thus hide the full depth and luster of your car's actual color.  We use separate buckets, sponges and microfiber towels for different parts of the car to insure that from the wheels never touches the paint of the car.  We may use a foam cannon for a pre-wash step, this will help soften the dirt off of the paint so that it will rinse or easily wipe away.  We use a ph balanced, lubricating car wash shampoo to insure that any remaining dirt on the car is not ground into the paint.  We use a  


With the many advances in high-end sealants in the last few years, we have packages that will preserve your paint, wheels and trim with that freshly detailed look for a year and longer with proper maintenance.  Not only does this provide you with a great looking car all year, but it saves money and time and preserves your vehicle’s paint in the most responsible manner possible

It can seem a little overwhelming but we are here to help explain each of the choices clearly so that every facet of your car care needs are addressed with the right products, service and results.  We have taken our most frequently chosen options and grouped them together into packages that are easy to explain and will generally suit most vehicles’ needs.  Each car will undergo an inspection so that all aspects of the vehicles needs can be discussed.  Whether you are looking for a proper and swirl free hand wash, or a full  restorative paint correction, we will be pleased to accommodate you as you put your car care needs in our trust


Aquatic Therapy - the Rehab Detailing swirl-free hand wash

We use several special techniques and equipment to provide a proper swirl and spot free wash for your vehicle.  This includes things like a foam cannon, 3 bucket system, plush microfiber towels and sponges, ph balanced chemicals, de-ionized water and an air cannon for touch-free drying. 


The Groupie – a basic detailing package


-Interior and trunk vacuumed

-Plastic surfaces, gauges and buttons cleaned and treated with a matte protectant

-All inside and outside glass cleaned


-Wheel faces and exhaust tips cleaned

-Tires dressed

-Aquatic Therapy swirl-free wash

-Paint surfaces protected with a wax/sealant (2-4 months)

Cars $200 / SUV’s $225


The Actor – the standard detailing package

This package adds the following details to The Groupie Package:


-Interior and trunk spot shampooed as needed

-Leather surfaces treated with conditioner


-Engine bay cleaned, rubber and plastic surfaces dressed

-Wheel faces and barrels cleaned (still mounted)

-Aquatic Therapy swirl-free wash

-Door jams thoroughly cleaned

-Light Claying or chemical decontamination

-Single-step machine polish on outside painted surfaces (60-80% correction)

-Paint surfaces protected with a wax/sealant (4-6 months)

Cars $350 / SUV’s $420


Rockstar Package – The ultimate Rehab Package

The Rockstar Package is our most comprehensive and simultaneously our best value package.  By combining several of our best products and services, your vehicle will not only shine better then when it was brand new, but it will maintain that appearance for considerably longer then any other detailing system available, up to 2 years!

This package adds the following details to The Actor Package:


-Some interior disassembly to more thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas

-Leather surfaced cleaned and conditioned by hand


-Includes a more thorough claying treatment

-Upgrade to a 2-Step machine polish on outside painted surfaces (90%-95% correction)

-Door jams clayed and polished as needed

-Upgrade to a premium sealant such as 22ple / Swissvax

Cars $750 / Suv’s $900


Add-On Packages

Intensive Leather Treatment

-This 2-stage system will restore worn, shiny and lifeless leather to a like new state. Your interior will be supple and matte and even the natural fragrance will return.

Most cars $250


Wheels-Off Package

-The wheels are removed and thoroughly cleaned polished and sealed with 22ple vm-1 Metal and Rim Ceramic Glass Sealant.  This sealant will protect the rim from bad weather, dirt and brake dust.  It will stay cleaner longer and be significantly easier to clean when needed.

-If the brake calipers are painted, they will be thoroughly cleaned polished and sealed with 22ple vm-1 Metal and Rim Ceramic Glass Sealant.

-The tires are restored to bare rubber and then sealed with a semi-permenent dressing call Black Pearl.  It will keep the tires protected and shiny for 3-6 months.  Select a Matte, Shine or Show finish.

Most Wheel Sets $250