goldRush Rally 6
to Jun 7

goldRush Rally 6

Rehab Detailing was commissioned by our friends on the goldRush Rally to meet them at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Cleveland to detail exotics from the rally.  These amazing luxury and exotic supercars were driven across the country and needed some proper cleaning.  We went to work around 11pm on Friday night and didn't leave until 8am the next morning.  The centerpiece of our night was cleaning the twin Mclaren Lp4-12Cs.  Both cars were vinyl wrapped for the rally and were due to be in a photoshoot the very next morning on the plaza of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  It was for a charitable organization called the Taylor Lynn foundation and we very glad to be in a position of honor to be responsible for such a fantastic occasion.  Please enjoy the gallery here

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