New Car Protection

We want to make your car as beautiful as possible and keep it that way!

Congratulations on the purchase of a brand new car, truck or SUV.  We know how exciting that is and we want to show you some options for beautifying it and protecting it for years to come.  You may have noticed your last vehicle didn't look as good when you turned it in.  Rock chips, swirl marks, dullness, contamination in the wheels, leather torn, worn or even cracked can all be normal wear and tear on driving your vehicle.  We have various products and services that we can recommend that will help eliminate or reduce the amount of wear your vehicle suffers over your normal use of it. 

Audi R8 with Micro Marring in the paint


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Audi R8 after Paint Correction

Corvette Stingray with rock chips

2. Rockchips

Stingray, Bumper Repainted and PPF being installed

3. Interior

DSC_0475 3 copy.jpg

4. Wheels, Trim and Glass

5. Tint