Monthly Maintenance Package

It is like getting a $200 hand wash and complete detail every other week

Now that your vehicle has been perfectly detailed inside and out, the paint and wheels have been brought to a better then brand new state and the entire car has been sealed up with a Ceramic Pro coating system, now you can keep your car looking perfect indefinitely.  By participating in the Monthly Maintenance Program at Rehab Detailing, your car will be perpetually kept at a pristine level of cleanliness and gloss.  You can schedule a reoccurring appointment for in-studio or at your home or office, or just stop by when it gets dirty.  The turn around time is usually an hour, with SUVs or particularly dirty vehicles taking slightly longer.  This program is designed for vehicles that have already had one of our detail packages performed (Groupie, Actor, Rockstar, Diva or Legend).  Those detail packages include specialized coatings that will allow your car to stay much cleaner for a longer period of time.   We have found that every 2 weeks is the sweet spot to keeping the car perfect without over washing it. 

- Aquatic Therapy swirl free hand wash

- Wheel faces and barrels cleaned

- Interior vacuumed and hard surfaces wiped down

- Windows cleaned

- leather conditioned as needed

- Engine bay cleaned as needed

- We may recommend some additional protection in the spring and fall as needed to keep your vehicle in perfect condition



If there are additional challenges to meet your cleanliness goals, such as pet hair, spills, sickness, etc..  we can perform those duties at a discounted additional charge.  For any additional questions or to book your appointment please call us or send us a message thorough our Contact Us page.  (440) 252-5883