Ideas to maximize resale value for your vehicle

When it comes to selling a car, I think we all know the basics of what will help the resale value, low mileage, matching tires, service records and keep it clean.  But what are the intangibles that may sway a buyer towards your car, or help you command a premium selling price?

            Having a proper detail done on the vehicle can dramatically increase the selling price for several reasons.  For a daily driven commuter car, a proper detail job can erase years of neglect and make the car look as close to new as possible.  When a buyer or used car manager checks the problem areas like the engine, wheel wells, door jams and wheel barrels, it will not just be clean, it will look like it’s barely been driven.  This inspires confidence in the overall maintenance of the car, not just the paint or appearance, and will result in an optimum selling price.  This is where the Actor Detail Package comes into play starting at $350 and will likely help you increase your selling price well over that amount.  

            For rare, classic, exotic and luxury cars, our more advanced Rockstar or Diva Packages may be the right option.  This will give you several important features that will add significant value to your vehicle.  In addition to the items covered on the Actor Package, your car will get a more in depth paint correction that will bring the paint to a luster that will surpass even when it was brand new.  We will then use a high-end Sealant like the 22PLE Glass Coating which will protect and enhance the beautifully rejuvenated finish for 18 to 24 months.  The wheels will be removed and then the wheels and the brake components will be cleaned, polished to a deep luster and protected with the 22PLE as well.  With this package the interior will also get an upgraded treatment using a high-end leather rejuvenation system that will restore the soft supple texture and the natural smell of the leather will return.

Having a comprehensive package like this performed on your rare or exotic car will inherently add value to it, and can even be listed as a value adding benefit package.  For a list of all our different services, please check out The Process.

The final step for maximizing your vehicle’s value is a professional photoshoot. Nearly all top end sales begin online or in print and a comprehensive photoshoot will show off all the benefits of your vehicle’s freshly perfected paint and will certainly allow it to stand out from the other cars available.  We work with several high-end photographers that specialize in automotive photography.  With their equipment, artistic eye and imaginative post production, your vehicle will not only sell faster, but it will certainly command top dollar as well.