What is Vinyl Wrapping and what are the Advantages?

Using vinyl wrap for cars is not new, but the technological and esthetic advances made in the last several years may provide you with options for your ride that you never dreamed possible or affordable.  How would you like to change the color of your car semi-permanently without damaging the original factory paint?  As a matter of fact, the vinyl wrap on your car will actually act like a barrier against chips and other contaminants in the paint, and when you are done with the car or simply want to go back to the car’s original color, the vinyl can be removed and your factory paint will be right there waiting for you, just the way you left it.  Most Vinyl Wraps will last 5-10 years, even with driving year round.  Another advantage to using vinyl is the choices available for colors and textures.  You can chose from a Cherry Red that you’ve always wanted to something completely wild like a brushed metal finish or even Chrome!  Why not, it can always be removed when you want to change it.  The best part is that It costs significantly less then a new paint job and there’s very little down time.  Most wraps take 3 days and your vehicle and its new color are ready to go.  There are clear vinyls as well that will let the natural beauty of your paint shine through completely unobstructed while still being fully protected.  Once your car is wrapped, the vinyl can be sealed and waxed for added protection and luster.  Even the Matte colors can be sealed with special sealants to provide even better longevity.